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Beverage Processing System

This machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt; it holds the bottles by the neck when transporting This machine is used to fill juice into pet bottle and with screw caps capping function. Integrated three function: 1. Rinse the empty pet bottle, 2. filling the rinsed bottles, 3. capping the filled bottles
  • Stainless Steel Sugar Melting Pot

    Stainless Steel Sugar Melting Pot

    It equipes with heating device, agitator, and cooling device. It has advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. There are two kinds of type:electrical heating and steam heating. Capacity: 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000LRead More
  • Spray Cooler Bottle Warmer

    Spray Cooler Bottle Warmer

    This machine use for carbonated drink, juice, tea beverage production line, make the temperature of hot filling drink from 85℃ down to 35~40℃ or the cold filling drink up to 30℃. Its working process can be divided into 3 stages, circulating hot water spray, warm water...Read More
  • Tilting Bottle Sterilizer

    Tilting Bottle Sterilizer

    This kind of sterilizer is that the angle of bottle overturns to 96° or 110°in the processing of transporting bottle, and then the beverage use its high temperature (higher than 80℃) after filling to give the caps final sterilization. The sterilization time can be adjusted in...Read More
  • Plate Type Beverage UHT Sterilizer

    Plate Type Beverage UHT Sterilizer

    High heat recovery, stable temperature control (PLC control, touch screen display). The system adopts ultra-high temperature processing method, which can strictly sterilize the dairy, tea beverage and fruit etc. And then transfer to aspect packaging. The sterilizing...Read More
  • Tubular Type Beverage UHT Sterilizer

    Tubular Type Beverage UHT Sterilizer

    This equipment has become more popular in many countries for wide range and accurate control of sterilizing temperature. It's very suited for the liquid product with fiber and particulates (fruit beverage, vegetable beverage) and especially for the high viscosity products...Read More
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