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5Gallon Filling Machine

This equipment can provide complete line equipment according to requirements, optional automatic capping machine, automatic external washing machine, automatic bottle feeding, automatic internal washing and disinfecting machine, automatic filling and pressing irrigation, automatic sleeve labeling, steam film collection, barrel lifting Wait for the machine. This equipment adopts several new technologies such as cylinder drive, fully enclosed variable frequency filling and liquid level detection. All actions, detection and control are controlled by microcomputer (PLC), which makes the machine more hygienic, safe and stable, and greatly reduces the occurrence of faults. To make the scope of application wider.The equipment is equipped with automatic capping, external brush washing, automatic bottle filling, internal flushing system, filling, capping, gland, heat shrinkable film, bucket bagging machine, and finished product conveying. The whole production process is adopted. Closed operation, combined with ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection, ensure that the entire bottle filling process fully meets the relevant standards and regulations of the national health department, effectively preventing secondary pollution that may occur during the filling process of drinking water. Sterile production.
  • 19 LTR/5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine Station

    19 LTR/5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine Station

    The 5gallon water filling machine was used for filling drinking water, mineral water, pure water etc into 5 gallon big bottle and cap it.The 5 gallon bottle washing filling capping machine monoblock for pure water was combined with bottle washing,pure water filling and 5...Read More
  • 5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Station

    5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Station

    Description (1) The filling line specializes in the production of 5 gallons of bottled drinking water. (2) This series of barrel filling production lines integrates the bottle washing machine, filling machine and sealing machine. (3) In order to achieve the purpose of washing...Read More
  • 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

    5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

    Description of the machine: This filling machine is semi automatic oil liquid filling machine, this equipment is a kind of flowmeter type filling equipment, it is usually used in filling various oil, liquid products, etc. Features ◆The 5Gallon / 20 liter barrel water filling...Read More
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