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A brief introduction of water treatment
Jul 26, 2017

The methods of water treatment include physical treatment and chemical treatment. The way in which humans have been water-treatment has been for quite a few years, and the physical methods include the use of various pore sizes, by means of adsorption or blocking, the impurities in the water will be excluded, the adsorption method is more important in the adsorption of activated carbon, the barrier is to pass the water through the filter material, so that the larger volume of impurities can not be passed, and then obtain a cleaner water. In addition, the physical method also includes precipitation method, is to let the proportion of small impurities floating in the water, or a larger proportion of impurities deposited in the next, and then obtained. The chemical method is to use a variety of chemicals to convert impurities in the water into less harmful substances, or the concentration of impurities, the oldest chemical treatment method should be used to add alum water, the impurities in the water after the collection, the volume becomes larger, then can be filtered to remove impurities.

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