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Control Scheme Of Operation Of Blow Molding Machine
Jul 26, 2017

The automatic air ring is an on-line real-time control system, and the system is controlled by a number of motors distributed on the wind ring. The cooling airflow sent by the fan is distributed to each air duct by the constant pressure of the wind-ring, and the motor-driven valve is used for opening and closing movement to adjust the size of the tuyere and the air volume, to change the cooling effect of the membrane billet at the die head, and to control the film thickness, from the control process, the thickness of the film and the motor control can not find a clear relationship between the different thickness of the film and the different position of the valve in varying thickness and control of the non-linear change in the process, each adjustment of a valve to the adjacent point is very large, and the adjustment has hysteresis, So that they are interconnected at different times.