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Filling Machine Classification
Oct 18, 2017

Beverage filling machine according to the filling principle can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine;

Atmospheric pressure filling machine is in the atmospheric pressure by filling the liquid weight. This type of filling machine is divided into two kinds of regular filling and constant volume filling, only for filling low viscosity gas-free liquids such as milk, wine, pure water, fruit juice drinks and so on.

Pressure filling machine is filling at higher than atmospheric pressure, can also be divided into two kinds: one is the pressure inside the tank and the bottle in the same pressure, by the liquid weight into the bottle and filling, called The other is the pressure inside the storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference, and the high speed production line adopts this method. Pressure filling machine for gas-filled liquid filling, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, carbonated drinks, soda and so on.

Vacuum filling machine is in the bottle under the pressure below the atmospheric pressure filling;

This filling machine structure is simple, high efficiency, the viscosity of the material to adapt to a wider range, such as oil, syrup, wine and so can be applied.