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The Future Of Milk Drinks Have Four Major Trends
Oct 11, 2017

In recent years, the domestic milk beverage market development is very fast, the situation is also very gratifying. Since 2009, many beverage manufacturers have introduced new milk drinks, great to meet the needs of consumers, the domestic milk beverage market show production and marketing situation.

The future of milk drinks have four major trends

First, as consumers pay more and more attention to health, which makes milk drinks in the selection of healthy high-quality raw materials to become a milk beverage has the choice of R & D personnel. Dietary fiber, lecithin, amino acid series, vitamins and so on, so that the development of milk beverage business has more choices.

Second, the milk soda, milk drinks to join the grain rice, fruit vinegar, and so the emergence of products that milk drinks market mix and match the wind intensified. The food ingredients are made on the basis of healthy scientific and reasonable, and it is not limited to "juice + milk", "fruit juice + fruit + milk" situation, but extends to vegetables, cereals, vinegar, tea, soft drinks, wine the mix of.

Third, because the fermented milk beverage flavor will be more unique, the future of milk beverage fermentation elements will still be respected.

Fourth, with the development of the market, competition is inevitable. Want to compete in the white market competition in a place, differentiated products is the most effective means, which requires market segmentation. Market segmentation can produce a variety of differentiated milk beverage products. According to the different consumer groups and drinking time and efficacy of Tu Tong, can be divided into different product types. For example, can be divided into breakfast type, lunch type, dinner type, can also be divided into athletes, white-collar workers, students and so on.

According to the "2010-2013 China milk beverage and vegetable protein beverage market analysis report" shows: by 2030 so far, China's per capita milk consumption will reach 25 kg, the total output reached 42.5 million tons. This shows that China's milk beverage market has great potential for development, the prospects are very attractive. The next five years, the domestic consumption of milk drinks will be greatly improved, especially the liquid milk annual growth rate is estimated to reach about 30%.