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Why Is The Tea Drink Hot
Oct 11, 2017

Hot filling is relative to the traditional beverage processing technology, for non-carbonated drinks, the traditional production process is to preheat or cold product filling into the bottle (tank), after sealing according to certain sterilization Formula for pasteurization or high temperature sterilization, and then cooled and dried to make the product. Hot filling is the first product UHT sterilization or HTST sterilization, at 80 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ temperature filling, capping the use of the product itself, the temperature of the packaging container wall and caps for sterilization. In the 1980s, this technology was widely used in the soft drink industry. In 1987, Japan's hot filling beverage production had exceeded the cold filling products. In the case of

In the case of

The hot filling process has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving because all the operation of the hot filling process is completed on the pipeline, which can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and manual operation. The hot filling process can save the product flavor and nutrition to the maximum extent Ingredients, because the hot filling beverage must be carried out in conjunction with HTST or UHT sterilization, heating and cooling are very fast, there is no secondary disinfection after sealing, it can reduce the product of the heating time, reduce the flavor and nutrients thermal damage, no The second sterilization, while reducing the process occurred in the bottle break and jump cover and so on.